18.09.2011 Batlow Premium Cider Now Available

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The wait is over and Batlow Premium Cider has arrived!

After 18 months of research & development we have perfected our Batlow Premium Cider and are rolling out to selected on & off premise venues just in time for Summer 2011/2012!

Batlow Premium Cider is a locally made & independent cider handcrafted from a carefully selected blend of freshly crushed Batlow Apples, “Australia’s Favourite Apples”.

Our “don’t stuff with nature” approach to cider-making ensures there are about 3 ½ Batlow Apples in every single bottle, resulting in one of the freshest tasting ciders on the market and unlike many of the commercial ciders, contains absolutely no concentrates or added sugars and is gluten free.

Batlow Premium Cider has a light golden appearance with fine bubbles from natural carbonation. The aroma is fresh, fragrant apples with a hint of earthiness. The taste gives a mild, refreshing sweetness with distinctive, crisp apple notes followed by a light grip on the back palate and a very clean medium dry finish, resulting in a well-balanced, fresh tasting cider.

Batlow Premium Cider has an alcohol level of 5.5 per cent and will be sold in 330ml bottles in four-packs and cases of 24 bottles as well as on tap in selected venues.

Initially we’ll be distributing through hand-picked restaurants, bars, pubs and bottleshops. If your local doesn’t stock it, then please ask them why or let us know and we’ll get in touch.

Yours in apples,

The Batlow Premium Cider team

Photos by Elle Green

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